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Stays Assistance

We stand by you every moment!


Infitravel Saúde™, in addition to providing you personalized health services, leisure activities and well-being, is also concerned with your safety and your family, while staying in Portugal.

For this and upon request, Infitravel Saúde™ may aid and accompaniment services, giving you support in your daily activities or needs in the course of your stay in Portugal.

We have several service options for you, tailor-made and delivered by health professionals - nurses, physiotherapists and/or nurse assistants.

The service may be executed sporadically or may be provided for longer periods of time, for 12 hours or round the clock (according to previous evaluation by our medical team), always having present the greater or lesser need you or your family members may have. A health professional will help you and collaborate in your daily activities.

For more information, please, click here.

As members of the European Network of Acessible Tourism (ENAT) ) we know how to help you.

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