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It is advised for clients who wish to enjoy safely the benefits of practicing exercise, through all the stages of their life.

It provides a specialized medical evaluation, with an integrated approach of all aspects of the exercise, regardless of level and modality, whether leisure activities or federated sport.


This medical check-up includes:

Consultation of Sports Medicine

Physical evaluation oriented to the practice of sports.


Sports Nutrition Consultation

Body composition analysis.


Computerized evaluation of plantar support and walking/running and jumping.


Electrocardiogram at rest, with stress test and echocardiogram.


Blood and urine tests.

Subspecialty consultation (s) if necessary.

Examinations and complementary exams, if determined necessary, can always be requested.

After this checkup, the client will receive customized instructions regarding lifestyle habits and prevention strategies for the most frequent injuries. He will also have be adviced on training to complement your sport of choice.

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