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With Infitravel Saúde™ you can perform medical check-ups or medical-surgical treatments in a qualified and personalized way.

Infitravel Saúde™ is a Portuguese company specialized in Health Tourism, which associates health, tourism and leisure, enabling its clients (along with the acquisition of medical or surgical products), the possibility to visit and get to know the most interesting places of Continental Portugal, its capital - Lisbon - and the Autonomous Regions of the Azores and Madeira.

Medical Service

The client requests INFITRAVEL SAÚDE™, via telephone or e-mail, the type of service and its budget.

In this sense, the client is invited to fill out a medical questionnaire that enables Infitravel Saúde™ to plan and provide a quality service, according to their wishes and expectations.


Medial Agreement

Once the service is confirmed, the customer is invited to sign an agreement between the two parties regarding the product (s) and service (s) to be provided. This agreement should be signed 15 working days prior to the intended date.


Trip to Lisbon

Trip to Lisbon, with all the logistical support of Infitravel Saúde™.

Reception of the client at Lisbon Airport by Infitravel Saúde™ staff, where the transfer will be made to the hotel or place of stay in Lisbon.


Transfer to Hospital

Transfer to Hospital da Luz Lisboa, reception by the international hospital staff, medical consultation, check-up or surgery with possible hospitalization (as planned by the client and Infitravel Saúde™).

In the case of a Check-up, the client will always receive a final medical report with results, advice and medical and / or surgical guidelines.


Stay in Lisbon

Transfer from the Hospital to the hotel or place of stay in Lisbon and later transfer to the Lisbon Airport, made by Infitravel Saúde™ staff.

In case of surgery and after recovery and hospital discharge, given by the surgeon in charge, the transfer to the Hotel or place of stay in Lisbon, will be carried out by the Infitravel Saúde™ staff.


hospital treatments

After surgery and when follow-up consultations or regular hospital treatments are warranted, the client can always be accompanied to Hospital of Luz Lisboa by the staff of Infitravel Saúde™.


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