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The Hospital da Luz Lisboa, accredited by Joint Commission International (JCI), is the largest and most modern Portuguese private hospital. The vast offer of services, clinical reputation, innovative technology, as well as the quality and comfort of the facilities, with the added privilege of being located in the city of Lisbon, have been decisive for thousands of clients, many of them foreigners - residents, tourists, or people looking for Portugal specifically for health care.

For those who do not speak Portuguese, to be received with the greatest ease and comfort possible, Hospital da Luz Lisboa has an International Patient Services of Luz Saúde. This program, Support in healthcare for foreign clients, help the client throughout his / her path, right from the choice of a doctor, up to the hospital discharge and subsequent follow-up.

It is intended that foreign customers feel understood, that they circulate with ease throughout the hospital, understand the care services being provided while ensuring that any questions or concerns they may have are addressed.

The International Patient Services of Luz Saúde is available at several Luz Saúde Units to collaborate in several areas, namely:

  • In the communication support program for foreign clients;

  • In offering agreements with the main international insurers (Aetna, Allianz, Cigna, Bupa, MetLife, United Healthcare Global, among others);

  • Establishment of relations with the foreign community in Portugal, through its associations, educational establishments and diplomatic representations;

  • In the coordination of services for clients seeking Portugal specifically for health care

The International Patient Services of Luz Saúde is also available at the Satellite Hospital Units of the main Hospital. (Hospital da Luz); Hospital da Luz Clinica dos Poetas (Oeiras) and Hospital da Luz Clínica da Amadora (Amadora).

Thus, the coordination of the provided health care to foreign clients is facilitated, allowing to choose one of these units, according to their convenience and specific care needs.

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