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Scope of Infiworld Activities

Your reservation should only be made after reading and accepting the terms and conditions of the contractual relationship that will be established with Infiworld - owner of the Infitravel Saúde™ brand.


a) Infiworld is a company dedicated to Health Tourism, leisure and wellness, promoting the sale of health services and products, which can be purchased individually or associated with packages of leisure products, namely tourist travel or predefined circuits to be carried out in Portugal.

b) Infiworld, within the scope of tourist services, proposes the personalized sale of products and health services, making reservations and making possible the accomplishment of medical and/or surgical acts in Hospitals and/or Clinics of renown name in Portugal.

c) In terms of tourism and leisure travel, Infiworld reserves (air, sea and/or land transport), accommodation, car rental, tourist activities and activities related to its business purpose.

d) The Infiworld website also acts as an intermediary between tourist companies and clients, so that they can order trips and tourist services tailored to them.

e) Infiworld performs the negotiation of contracts for the hiring of unmanned passenger vehicles. (Rent-a-Car).

f) Infiworld also provides services related to tourist reception, namely the organization of visits to museums, historical monuments and other places of tourist interest.

g) The trips that will be organized by Infiworld will consist of programs previously made available to the clients.

Contractual terms - Reservations

a) Whenever Infiworld sells any service, it will deliver to customers the documentation that mentions the objectives and characteristics of the service, date of service, price and payments already made.

b) The contract is considered celebrated with the delivery of the reservation document, the program if any, and their standard information, provided that the payment, even partial, of the trip, has been verified.

c) The acceptance of a reservation by Infiworld, after payment, will be communicated by sending a confirmation e-mail to the customer's address.

d) The E-mail must be printed by the customer, or always kept accessible in a durable format, if requested to present it to the various suppliers as sufficient proof of the services contracted.

e) In the purchase of health products, the client will pay 30% of the total value when subscribing the same, with a minimum notice of 15 calendar days, and the remaining amount will be paid up to one week (five days) before the date set for acts covered by such products.

f) In the reservation of Tourism products, payment will be made in full up to one week (five working days) before the trip, is considered as acceptance of the pre-contractual information, unless expressly stated otherwise by Infiworld in the Travel Program.

g) Prior to the confirmation of the reservation, the client is informed of the charges arising from any cancellation or cancellation of the reservations he/she may make.

h) Any questions or doubts of the customer regarding products or packages purchased, should be directed to Infiworld. When for the necessary clarifications Infiworld to depend on subcontracted third parties the client will be informed in a clear and timely manner.

Cancelation Policy

Reservations canceled by Infiworld or by a service provider

Health Products

a) Infiworld reserves the right to cancel any health services or products, if there are any technical and/or human limitations on the part of the entity providing the service (hospital or clinic).

b) In the case provided for in the previous paragraph, the client will be informed within a maximum of 24 hours after notification by the entity providing the service to Infiworld.

c) The service/service package may be rescheduled to a new date, the between the client and Infiworld.


a) Infiworld can terminate the contract in the following cases:

i) The number of persons enrolled in the trip is less than the minimum number indicated in the contract; or

ii) Infiworld is prevented from performing the contract due to unavoidable and exceptional circumstances.

b) In the case referred to in sub-paragraph a) of the preceding paragraph, Infiworld shall notify the client of the termination of the contract within the period established therein and at the latest:

i. 20 days before the commencement of the package, in the case of journeys lasting more than six days;

ii. 7 days before the commencement of the trip, in the case of trips lasting from two to six days;

iii. 48 hours before the commencement of the package, in the case of journeys of less than two days' duration.

c) In the case provided for in paragraph 1 (b), Infiworld shall notify the customer of termination of the contract without undue delay before the commencement of the package.

d) The termination of the travel contract pursuant to paragraph 1 and fulfillment of the obligations laid down in paragraphs 2 and 3 shall entitle the customer to full reimbursement of payments made but not the right to additional compensation.

e) Infiworld shall make the refunds required under the terms of the previous number within a maximum period of 14 days after termination of the travel contract.

f) Fees, fees and charges applicable by any public or private entity, as well as by the operator of the chosen service, will be paid by the customer, even when applied after confirmation and issuance of the reservation.

Reservations canceled by the client

Health Products

Under the terms of Decree-Law no. 24/2014, of February 14th, in its current wording, it does not apply to contracts related to health care services, whether or not provided within a health structure and independently. their mode of organization and financing, and their public or private nature.

The cancellation of any medical/surgical acts or within the scope of health products contracted by the client, with the dates confirmed will result in the following charges for the customer:

a) If the cancellation is made with the advance of 15 (fifteen) days, Infitravel Saúde™ will refund the amount paid by the client, without the charges for opening the file.

b) If the cancellation or cancellation is made in advance of 14 to 8 days, the customer will bear 30% of the price, without prejudice to being entitled to 50% amount received by Infiworld, as credit, for a new reservation to be made in the maximum period of one year.

c) If the cancellation or cancellation is made in advance of 7 days, the customer will support 100% of the amount received by Infiworld, without prejudice to 30% of the amount received by Infiworld, as credit, for a new reserve to be made within a maximum period of one year.



In the case of off-premises contract, the customer has the right to withdraw from the travel organized during a 14-day period without having to give a motive.

This right does not apply to an organized travel contract, made with the travel agency stand, duly identified as such, at tourism fairs.

After the 14 days above mentioned, the customer may terminate at any time, upon payment of an adequate and justifiable termination fee or, if applicable, the standard termination fees required by Infiworld that may not be higher than the price of the trip less cost savings and revenue resulting from the redeployment of travel services, which must be justified upon the request of the customer.

Infitravel Saúde™ liability

a) Infiworld shall communicate to the customer all changes to the pre-contractual information in a clear, comprehensible and clearly visible form before the conclusion of the arranged travel contract.

b) Infiworld is only responsible for the errors of the reservation service itself and cannot be held responsible for the errors of its suppliers.

c) In case of difficulties of the client, or when for reasons that cannot be attributed to him, he cannot finish the trip, Infiworld is obliged to give him assistance, namely:

i. Providing adequate information on health services, local authorities and consular assistance; and

ii. Helping the customer make remote communications and find alternative travel solutions.


d) If, due to unavoidable and exceptional circumstances, the client cannot return, Infiworld organizer is responsible for ensuring the necessary accommodation costs, if possible, of equivalent category, for a period of no more than three nights per customer.

e) Infiworld may charge a reasonable fee for such assistance if the difficulty was caused by the client intentionally or through negligence of the latter, which may in no case exceed the costs actually incurred by the agency.

f) Infiworld and its suppliers, except for the burden of proof by the customer, are not liable to the customer for damages that may occur during the trip, namely accidents that may result in any incapacity or death.

g) Infiworld's liabilities arising from the obligations assumed are guaranteed by civil liability insurance under the terms of the legislation in force.

h) Infiworld's liability shall be limited to the maximum amount that is payable to entities that provide travel services.


Customer liability

a) During the whole trip, it is the sole and entire responsibility of the client to be accompanied by his / her personal documentation as well as all the documentation sent to him/her regarding the accomplishment of the same.

b) It is the customer's own responsibility, to correctly enter the data inherent in the act of booking the services provided, even if the data is related to third parties.

c) The client of health products and/or who has knowledge of health problems prior to this trip, is responsible for the necessary steps to obtain the medical declaration on how to travel, the MEDIF (Medical Information Form).

d) The client of health products and/or who has knowledge of health problems prior to this trip, is responsible for the acquisition of a

travel insurance, valid for a minimum of 30 days after the expected date of return, which includes the following coverages:

1. Medical Assistance in Portugal (Emergency)

2. Travel Assistance

3. Legal Assistance

4. Civil Liability


Infiworld has an electronic complaints book under the terms and conditions established in Decree-Law no. 156/2005, of September 15, available at https://www.livroreclamacoes.pt/inicio.


In the event of a complaint, Infiworld will act diligently to find the most appropriate response. Any doubts or motives of displeasure can be previously communicated by email, to electronic mail address



Travelers interested in obtaining the satisfaction of credits resulting from the non-fulfillment of contracts signed with travel and tourism agencies may activate the FGVT by written request addressed to Turismo de Portugal I.P. and must present, as an alternative:


- Judicial decision or final decision, which includes the amount of debt due, certain and net;

- Decision of the customer supplier of the Portuguese Association of Travel and Tourism Agencies (APAVT), which includes the amount of the debt due, net and certain, provided that it is included in the list of Alternative Dispute Resolution entities (RAL)

- An application requesting the intervention of the arbitration commission, accompanied by documents proving the alleged facts and identification of the travel and tourism agencies involved, by means of an appropriate form, to be sent by post or by e-mail to: avt.reclamacoes@turismodeportugal.pt , within 60 days after:

_ The end of the trip;

_ The cancellation of the trip attributable to the agency;

_ The date of the knowledge that it is impossible to carry it out because of a fact attributable to the agency;

_ The closure of the establishment.


Note: the deadline for delivery of the above-mentioned request is considered if, in the course of the same:

i) a complaint is filed in the Complaints Book;

ii) a complaint has been addressed in any written form to the Travel Agency and Tourism of Portugal, or to the Food and Economic Security Authority, or to the General Directorate for Consumer Affairs; or to the Consumer Information Centers; or to Consumer Conflict Arbitration Centers; or to the Customer Ombudsman of Travel and Tourism Agencies; or any other entity with competence in this matter.


The arbitration committee is an alternative dispute resolution entity that appreciates the applications for the activation of the Travel and Tourism Guarantee Fund.


Turismo de Portugal I.P., after having received a request for activation of the Fund, notifies the travel and tourism agencies responsible to pay the amount due within 10 days, before activating the FGVT.

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